Rapi-cure colloidal silver liquid 125ml

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 For hundreds of years the magical healing properties of Silver has been well known, in fact the Romans used to throw a Silver coin in their water to keep it germ free, and in the beginning of last century the same was done with milk to keep it fresher for longer. Silver is now widely used in the NHS in the battle against infection on wounds, especially on burns. We have Rapi-cure silver nano particles suspended in water which upon contact will kill bacterial and fungal infections; and quite a number of viruses......THE SECRET....we ensure that the Silver particles are really tiny, so it can penetrate the bacterial membrane and kill the bacteria. Rapi-Cure is produced using the highest quality Silver at 99.999 % and distilled water. We use extremely high voltage to produce nano particles of silver unlike cheaper alternative ‘home made’ solutions. Q what can it do for my pet and I? It’s that good that when it’s exposed to MRSA (that's plaguing many Hospitals) it kills it stone dead in 3 minutes. Aspergillosis when used neat with an ultrasonic vaporizer/humidifier (to make sure patients breaths in the particles) it effectively destroys the fungus that is blocking the airways and kills the spores causing the infection… usually 2or 3 40 minute sessions will be effective. Bumblefoot Spray the infected foot with Rapi-cure.....may take a number of applications to be effective in severe cases. Squirrel Bites As many Harris Hawk owners know to their cost, Squirrel saliva contains dangerous and potentially lethal bacteria which quite often turns out to be fatal, Rapi-cure on the open wound will kill the bacteria and if you carry the spray in your kit and use it immediately it may prevent infection before it starts
effective treatment for all raptors,pigeons,cage and all aviary birds
aspergillosis, bumblefoot, candida,cuts, crop and digestive tract
Squirrel bites,  If you spray with Rapi-cure immediately  it will kill all the nasty bacteria in the squirrels spit.......I cannot spell saliver 
put a few drops in their water to keep the water in tip top condition
Rapicure with the use of a vaporizer can cure aspergillosos  if caught early enough
we can supply the ultrasonic vaporizer at  just £20  if required.

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