Pigeon GTS 200 GPS Telemetry system complete with tracker pack

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GTS 200

GPS Telemetry system for Pigeons.
Complete with a Tracker Pack and O2 network Nano sim
Included in the pack   are 100 cable ties, Slim scissors (to remove the Tie after use)
 and Velcro dots to stop any possible lateral movement

GTS 200   size  36mm x 36mm x 15mm  and 20 gram
How the system works.   
there are several different usages for this.
1)   if you lose your bird and want to retrieve it  then  you simply text the unit on the birds back; it then sends the gps coordinates back to your phone...you tap the screen and it opens google maps and drops a pin exactly where your bird is....it will even map a route to your bird and direct you as your sat nav does  when you get close you can get the googlemaps to show you exactly which tree or building its sitting on.....
clever or what?
2)  if you want to see how your bird actually finds its way home   you can watch in real time  on your phone or laptop  using a special app by showing Arial position against Earth background.... 
Now  some of these birds cost a fortune, its a shame to lose them
when a solution is available.
Before you say it...In a race carrying extra weight is not a good idea..but practise runs are

Sim Cards (Nano sim)
You can use what ever sim card and whatever network you prefer  however  we strongly recommend that you check via google which is the best network for the area you are flying your bird or birds in.
Vodaphone have the best coverage nationwide and o2 are just behind them...........we will wherever we can be giving a sim card with each unit sold  which will have a deal attached to it.....ie  giff gaff  (o2 network)  pay as you go unlimited texts (thats all you need) £5 for a month  and we give you one free  with your order

The GTS 200 uses the Ublox 7 GPS module  ( smallest in the world)   Uses a Nano sim and a new style battery all to keep the weight down

bebo@gbfalconrysupplies.co.uk      for  questions       please do not phone  its clogging the system

Simply clips into a tracker pack (Marshall £25, Tinyloc £27.50....GB Falconry £8.89)

and for golden eagles that can and do fly hundreds of miles..its not a problem the range is Worldwide not 20 miles......only thing if your bird flies to Japan  your screwed  different satellites there.

To fit tracker pack   Marshalls do a cracking video