Pet ormus Concentrated M- state Monatomic liquid

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Pet ormus Concentrated M- state Monatomic liquid


New Pet Supplement Caused A Vet’s Panic Attack When He Watched His Profit Margins Plummet”

If you’re one of the millions of Pet owners who cry every time they look at their Vet bills we have some good news for you, so dry your eyes and read on…

For many years humans have used daily supplements to improve their health and this is commendable, but what about the pets and other animals in our daily care we love so much?

All too much is expected from the daily food we feed our pets in the vain hope that they will give the required ‘extras’ to our pets but sadly modern animal food is sadly lacking in essential elements/minerals that you’d expect so our pets end up missing out… but not if you do what other savvy pet keepers are resorting to. They use Petormus daily supplement.


Caring pet keepers of all kinds of animals can now supplement their pet’s diet and you can join them by adding Petormus to your pet’s daily drink or food intake.

Petormus is 100% natural.

It is jam packed with nature’s essential elements that will provide your pets and other animal’s daily requirements so you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is well catered for. Simply by adding a few measured drops of Petormus into their food or daily water supply will be sufficient for their daily needs, and they will love you for it!

Here are a few examples of how Petormus helps: It has been reported that animal hair growth has become stronger, more even, and has in some cases re-grown in ‘bald’ spots. Pet nails have grown sharper and reduced nail ‘splitting’ has occurred. Pets have become more restful in their sleep patterns and some have proved to be less aggressive to others. A few drops of Petormus in reptile bathing water(shedding bath) has proven helpful for reducing patches of skin resistant to peel. No danger to reptiles that may drink or bath in it.

Petormus can be used on Dogs, Cats, Rats, Mice, and other furry things, as well as reptiles and birds. There are no ‘chemicals’ in Petormus and no known or reported cases of adverse reactions occurring. It is considered safe for pets/animals of all shapes, sizes and species.

Petormus is a unique formula prepared for animals of all kinds. There have been no reported adverse reactions or side negative side effects noted against Petormus.

Usage/Fact sheet instructions will also be sent with all products supplied along with pipette measurement tool. (Liquid Version)

Ingredients: 100% naturally occurring elements found in laboratory quality processed dead sea salt to isolate natural elements and purified water as 25% volume as a suspension. Made in U.K by Pyramus Laboratories.


Supplied in a light proof, tamper proof sealed plastic bottle: Store away from Wifi and in a fridge

Customer Review

I write this review on behalf of Pyramus Labs who asked me to be one of many 'Test Subject Guinea Pigs’ since I

am a dog fanatic owning 5 cavalier King Charles Spaniels of various ages (all females) and am well known by my local vets as a consequence.

Petormus Liquid 125ml concentrate was given to me to test and should be treated as a ‘Supplemental additive’ to my dog’s food intake, like a daily tonic.

It contains 100% naturally occurring elements and Purified water as a base suspension. A light proof plastic bottle that should be kept cool and away from

WiFi since the Petormus is sensitive in nature and it’s natural structure is sensitive to radio frequency pollution. Petormus has 6 month shelf life and can be used diluted or

‘straight’ if tolerated. I used it both ways on my dogs. Petormus is ‘Pharmaceutical free’ and wholly natural and that was attractive to me.\\

I was briefed by the manufacturer on the benefits afforded by Petormus and what I could use it for. It seems it is very versatile and especially good for

Pet Coats - providing a shine after only a couple of weeks regular intake

Nails- My dog’s nails became stronger and became less prone to ‘split’.

Dogs sleep much better and in a more restful manner.

My dog’s appetite improved and their energy levels improved 10 fold.

The benefit I found with the liquid version was that it was well received by my dogs and were keen to consume their daily dose (Tablespoon) with relish and

seemed not to notice on occasions, that I also mixed some into their food. I feed my dogs raw meat.

As a pack, my dogs seemed to be far more settled and less argumentative between each other.

I have no hesitation in approving Petormus for all pet owners (it can be used on all living things) since only good can become of it’s regular use. There are

no known ‘side effects’ and overdose would not occur.

Another benefit I discovered was, that if my dogs get a skin cut or graze, I can use Petormus on a cotton wool ball and dab some on their injury and

that is well tolerated by my dogs and seems to expedite healing with less ‘redness’ or swelling.

I am now a willing and regular user of Petormus both in liquid and powder form and would not hesitate to tell my friends and Facebook groups about it.

Thanks for the opportunity to test it, and now consider myself and my dogs pioneers of an amazing product into the pet community-chemical free yet full of benefits.

Thank you all and success for the future. I was proud to help you introduce this product to the animal world.

Mrs A. M

West Midlands U.K

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