Baby Blue Mini Boxing Gloves printed with Boys name of your choice

Regular price £10.49

Printed Boys names onto

Mini Boxing Gloves

100mm x 40mm    thats 4" x 1.7 "

Ideal to hang from your Buggy or Mobile


Thomas, George, William, Charlie, Joshua, Joseph, Ben, Benjamin, Harvey, Jacob,Harry, Coleman, Jordan, Callum, Brendan, Samuel, Jack, James, Daniel,

and all the names listed in the auctions are £10.49 including Postage within UK

Just simply order and state the name you want from those listed.

Other names can be printed onto the gloves also cost £10.49 because there made as one off's. also it can take up to 4-5 weeks to get here from the factory. For those you need to email me with name required and your email address and so I can send you a paypal invoice. the names must be the same for both glove  if you want a different name for each glove a charge of £1.50 for a new printing plate is applicable (This can be added by yourselves at the bottom of the payment advice



NB.....On specials for boys the current blue is slightly darker than pictured and so the print will be in White unless otherwise instructed

Another NB... These gloves are Novelty mini Boxing Gloves made in one size only We do not make any other size to fit 1 year old, 2 year old or of any age whatsoever. Furthermore we are not clairvoyant ..Telling us after making them that you wanted them to fit a 1 year old and expect them to be remade  aint happening....these are bespoke made to your order gloves (names only)  

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